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“Welcome to Pixieland where little kids have big fun!”

Written By: Deborah Linnekin - Jun• 20•14

Pixieland Amusement Park in Concord is Now OPEN

Imagine an amusement park just for the little ones. This wonderful place exists for the kindergarten crowd and perhaps a bit younger. They feature rides that will excite a little one without all the tears of fear from a larger ride. It’s a wonderful introduction to amusement parks.

Antique Carousel

Antique Carousel

The train (The Pixieland Express) travels through a tunnel and out of the park to take trek about a ¼ of a mile around the pond that usually has some feathered friends floating about.  You do need to be 42” tall to ride solo, however, adults are welcomed aboard as well. All Aboard!

Tea Cup Ride

Tea Cup Ride


The other rides are similarly tame with the cars of Windy Grove and Tea cups that whirl slowly to create just enough excitement. It’s difficult to select a favorite ride, but the Antique carousel is beautiful and timeless.

The dragon roller coaster is big enough to look tremendously exciting if your only 48” tall (4ft.) If your little ones are shorter sometimes they can ride with a taller friend or sibling, other times (under 42”) they’re going to need an adult. By the way, adults are charged tickets for the rides as well, so factor that in to your ticket count.

Pixiehouse 059







pixiecar 087

They’re conveniently located at 2740 E. Olivera Rd. just off of Willow Pass Road. It’s Farm Bureau Road on the other side of Willow Pass, so it’s easy to find the right street. Parking and Admission are free. There is food available at The Kids Café and they even have Starbucks Frappuccino for the adults!  Most of the food is definitely kid fare with Mac and cheese, PB&J and the obligatory chicken nuggets on the menu. (The menu is longer than this; all kid food except the Starbucks!)

They offer birthday parties, field trips and special events, so feel free to give them a call to get the particulars at (925) 676-9612.

It’s a kid zone, so don’t go without them! Happy Riding!

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