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Take Me Out To the Ballgame

Written By: Deborah Linnekin - Oct• 23•14

Baseball is drawing to a close for 2014 as the Giants and the Royals prepare to meet for the World Series. The fans are rushing to purchase tickets and organize parties to celebrate their team’s imminent Ultimate Win and the cities are preparing for an onslaught. These big games bring big money and big headaches.

September 2014 101 at AT&T Park, SF CA

AT&T Before the Fans Arrive

More importantly, it brings high hopes and excitement. It brings energy and enthusiasm and it brings people together in all kinds of interesting and amusing ways.

I went to my first Giants game in Candlestick Park with my father many years ago. I hadn’t been to a game in years until this season and I was pleasantly surprised at all the changes that have taken place since my childhood experiences in a wind-swept stadium.

To begin with AT&T Park is amazing! There are so many beautiful spots that beg for a photo op! Be sure to bring your camera and/or let the photographers take your picture for a truly personal souvenir of your visit. The splash zone overlooks Willie McCovey cove where the kayaks and other floating vessels gather for a chance at a fly ball and the opportunity to enjoy a community party. The ferry still brings fans across the water and docks right next to an entrance or two. There’s an outdoor gathering spot located just outside the gate where season ticket holders and other groups are treated to wine tastings and other pre-game festivities, too.

September 2014 096

Candlestick Stadium Seats

While you’re checking out the seats from candlestick at the top of the stairs near the cable car plaza remember you can purchase a pair of them for about $700.00.  Watching the sunset over the stadium creates a lasting impression as the lights take over for the sun and the stands fill with thousands of fans dressed in orange and black.

While the setting is beautiful, the food is the biggest change of all. The song says “popcorn and peanuts and crackerjacks” but boy, have things changed! The aroma of food preparation greets you the instant you approach the stadium and the scent is not deceiving. Delicious treats wait on the inside. There are still sausages and hot dogs (wrapped in bacon!), garlic fries, popcorn, caramel corn and peanuts, sunflower seeds and chips, nachos and Dibs, ice cream sundaes and well, just about any snack you might want to consume during a game.

There used to be soda and beer, now they also have wine and an assortment of harder offerings, like Irish coffee to go with you hot chocolate. But wait, there’s more! There are crab sandwiches that people wait in a really long line to get and rave about after they’ve gotten one and there are Philly Cheese Steaks, too, one of my faves when I’m at AT&T partly because the purveyor is a sweet man with a beautiful smile, partly because they’re so good!September 2014 082

If you can’t make it to the game, maybe you can make it to the splash zone on one of the charter party boats! Close proximity and a chance to catch a home run ball!

Hope to see there!



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