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Soul Renewal Meditation Hike

Written By: Deborah Linnekin - Jul• 15•14

“Share in a Day of Mindfulnessto Discover Who You are Becoming”

My hat is off to Tamara Gerlach. She has super powers when it comes to planning events and gatherings. On July 12, she hosted a Meditation Hike at Gerlack Ranch that was the first event of its kind I have ever attended or participated in.

Having said that, I must admit to being a bit unprepared for a real hike, you know the uphill kind with a pack (that wasn’t all that heavy to be honest) but I am out of shape and there were a couple of really steep inclines that I should have anticipated, but somehow didn’t. Even being out of shape I still managed to finish the hike and made it to each location before the group was ready to leave for the next one.

I must give thanks to Ron Abrams for teaching me a thing or two about climbing slowly and for sticking with me even when the rest of the group vanished ahead of us. Without his patient guidance, I would have been lost.

At 9AM we prepared lunches for ourselves from the wonderful array Tamara had prepared. Meats and cheeses, crusty rolls, lettuce, pickles, tomatoes and condiments were there for sandwiches, trail mix, fruit and snacks were ready to add to our insulated bags. There were water bottles and journals ready for our use on the hike as well.

Prepared physically, we adjourned to the patio and prepared spiritually for our sojourn and started off behind Tam as she drummed us on our way to the first stop: the medicine wheel.

Medicine wheels are sacred ground and we respected the significance of this by asking permission to enter and leaving our unhappy energy behind before doing so. It is a powerful space, producing  very personal  messages and meanings for each of us. We took time to meditate and journal before moving on. I was filled with peace and carried it the rest of the day.

Climbing to the next stop of each of the three left on our tour, it felt like we reached the sky. We could see which mountain was Mt. Diablo, easily, because we were parallel to it and near the top. The view stretched out before us: the delta, Vallejo, Benicia and Brentwood were clearly visible. We hiked past a working windmill and troughs placed for cattle that used to roam these hills. We hiked up and up and up. We settled in at each location to meditate, journal and just enjoy nature.

There were dragonflies and hummingbirds spotted along the way, feathers to collect and the most beautiful weather imaginable. The breeze kept us cool and the trees shaded our resting spots. We hiked in silence with the drum alerting us it was time to move on. Even our steps were meditation.

At our final stop we gathered in a circle and shared our thoughts on the day. Everyone had something wonderful to say about their experience that garnered nods and acknowledgment from the group. It was a magical day.

So, dusty and sore, we returned to the house for more food and a chance to talk. The cool shade of the house and soft seats were a wonderful way to end the day.

Next time: I’m bringing one of those backpack chairs! Other than that, it was a perfect day!


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