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San Francisco: Traveling 2nd Street from Montgomery Station

Written By: Deborah Linnekin - Jan• 11•15

Downtown San Francisco is the heart of California; at least it sometimes seems to be. The traffic beats like the heart of any big city and people swiftly cover ground going to and from work, exercise and play. They eat out and they bring food in. There are taxis with motors and taxis with pedals and they all seem to race past me as I walk along 2nd street on my way to AT&T Park.

Row of Rental Bikes on 2nd Street, SF, CA

Bikes for Rent


There are bikes for rent and fountains with benches. There are restaurants with intriguing names, like the American Grilled Cheese Café and some with simple names like Ovo. You could do a food tour on just this street and find whatever you really wanted.



I pass Adolph Gasser’s and think back to all the times I wondered exactly where in the city this well-known photo supplier was located. I never leave enough time to wander in and check it out, but I’d like to one day. I note that they have a parking lot across the street in case I bring a car (presumably to fill with fabulous photo necessities).

When I get to the freeway I always check out the Pop-up Beer Garden or the Revolving Food Truck court that has taken root beneath the freeway where there used to be parking. Depending on the time of day there is food or beer and music in this little outdoor retreat.

Sign from Rotating Food Truck Court

The Pop up Beer Garden and Food Court

I make it to the top of the hill and look forward to the descent to the park. I still stroll so that I can enjoy the architecture. One building has gargoyles; another has a beautiful gated garden that leads to a hidden doorway somewhere beyond my vision.

Chronicle Books is another store I’d heard of and knew it was in San Francisco. It’s right there on Second Street with books you won’t always find elsewhere, even on It’s worth a stop for those of you still enchanted with the printed page. There’s just something about a book.

The park dominates the view as you near the end of Second Street. Its towers obstruct everything beyond it, so the inlet splash zone is just a myth until you round the stadium. Willie McCovey Park guards it from the far side.  The view from the side of the stadium back to the Bay Bridge is breath taking, so don’t miss it if you’ve come this far.

Splash zone at AT&T

Splash zone at AT&T

As for me, I’m going back to The American Grilled Cheese Kitchen. With a name like that, it’s got to have some comfort food.

See you in the city or on the roads. Have a wonderful trip!

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