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Lazy Dog Comes to Concord

Written By: Deborah Linnekin - Mar• 05•14

Last year El Torito vanished from the Willows Shopping Center in Concord. As the demolition dirt settled and the local goats made quick work of the vegetation by the creek nearby, Lazy Dog restaurant raised its roof and piqued our curiosity. After all, what would a restaurant named “Lazy Dog” serve? Hot dogs, perhaps? That was the most frequent guess among my friends, but nothing could be further from the truth.
As the restaurant emerged, the theme seemed clear: a beautiful stacked stone building reminiscent of a mountain lodge supplanted the previous adobe structure. Large west facing windows and beamed ceilings surrounding a huge stone fireplace in the open, vibrant restaurant that also incorporates a bar and a patio area near the front entrance. But look around a little more closely and you’ll start to see it: the menu is proudly displayed on a very tall fire hydrant, the door handles are huge cast metal bones, paw prints are evident on the tables and the menu and the walls are filled with pictures of, you guessed it: dogs! Would your canine companion just love it here?
Needless to say, they do not serve hot dogs. They do, however, serve a wide variety of everything else. I found starters as varied as hummus, dim sum and poke alongside Cajun fries and calamari. The menu continues with Campfire Pot Roast, Ginger Soy Salmon, Bahama Chicken and Thai Noodles among the extensive list of entrees. My personal favorites to date are the grilled cheese sandwich and Butter cake topped with French vanilla ice cream!
The bar is available for meals as well as drinking and is self-seating if you prefer not to wait for a table. They have a unique offering of beer that they will provide in a set of sampler size glasses if you would like to try out several to find a favorite. Wine flights are also available for the grape lovers among us.
Have special dietary needs? They have a menu for that: Kids 12 and Under, Gluten free, Happiest hours and a brunch menu are actually all available online at The biggest surprise, though, is their dog menu. Yes, they have a special menu and cater to your canine companion on the patio. With their own special food served while you eat your furry friends are sure to feel pampered when they accompany you to Lazy Dog. Perhaps an adoption day celebration is in order just to try it out?
Whether or not you’re traveling with furry friends, Lazy Dog is a delightful place to gather for a meal. They have several locations, all in California, so stop in and enjoy the casual atmosphere and friendly staff.. While it is a large cavernous room, it does not feeling overwhelmingly noisy or frenzied so join the fun: meet me at the Lazy Dog.

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