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Swan Day 2015 was held March 28

The Martinez Arts Association brought SWAN Day to Martinez once again! For those of you who aren’t familiar with SWAN Day: Support Women Artists Now Day, it’s an international holiday designed to showcase the power and diversity of Women’s creativity.  (More information is available on the International Site at .) It was a free […]

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San Francisco: Traveling 2nd Street from Montgomery Station

Downtown San Francisco is the heart of California; at least it sometimes seems to be. The traffic beats like the heart of any big city and people swiftly cover ground going to and from work, exercise and play. They eat out and they bring food in. There are taxis with motors and taxis with pedals […]

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Take Me Out To the Ballgame

Baseball is drawing to a close for 2014 as the Giants and the Royals prepare to meet for the World Series. The fans are rushing to purchase tickets and organize parties to celebrate their team’s imminent Ultimate Win and the cities are preparing for an onslaught. These big games bring big money and big headaches. […]

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Books, Books and more Books

Bibliophiles gathered at the Clayton Library this weekend for a little fundraising and a lot of heavy lifting. The volunteers that set up the book sale are amazing people; thank you for all your work! There were so many books it was a time consuming process to wade through the tidy, organized shelves and find […]

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Stopping For Lunch in Lafayette, CA

Some days are meant to be spent leisurely, strolling about in a town you would like to experience for the first time, or re-experience to savor nostalgia or notice the changes. Monday  I revisited a town where I lived when my first daughter was born: Lafayette, CA. It was a beautiful walk around a lovely […]

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Changing Times in a Small Town

It was a day when I felt nostalgic, so I returned to a town I have visited before. I lived there 30 years ago and the streets are still familiar, although the buildings have changed and the businesses have updated to modern versions of their old selves or moved on to be replaced by something […]

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Happy Fourth of July!

With the fire danger heightened due to severe water shortages it is more important than ever to comply with the ban on fireworks in Contra Costa County. When I was young, it was still legal to have almost all types of fireworks at home, and it was fun to gather in the yard and watch […]

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San Anselmo Filled With Music, Art and Wine

San Anselmo’s annual Art and Wine Festival filled the street on June 21 and 22nd with merchants and merriment. The quaint section of town between Woodland and Magnolia Ave. became home to 150 artists and musicians who shared their music and vision with those who chose to venture out. One of the vendors was Baltic […]

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“Welcome to Pixieland where little kids have big fun!”

Pixieland Amusement Park in Concord is Now OPEN Imagine an amusement park just for the little ones. This wonderful place exists for the kindergarten crowd and perhaps a bit younger. They feature rides that will excite a little one without all the tears of fear from a larger ride. It’s a wonderful introduction to amusement […]

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Time to Visit to the Martinez Regional Shoreline

The Martinez Regional Shoreline, located at the north end of Martinez gives residents and visitors a chance to play and relax in a variety of ways. I have always found it relaxing to walk the trails of the western end of the park where the marsh is interlaced with easy walking trails that have benches […]

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